Speed and Agility Training


Any girls playing Middle or High School soccer in the fall: Now is the time to start getting ready.

Although the speed camp and the upcoming conditioning is not mandatory, it is absolutely essential to be in top condition to give yourself and your team the best opportunity to be successful this fall. Although we will be playing in AA this year, our section will be very strong from top to bottom. A total commitment to your fitness, team and sport is necessary to continue the success that we have had over the last 5 years.
If you are currently playing on a cup team and cannot make it due to your team commitment, that is one thing. It is quite another not to participate if you are not doing anything and just sitting at home. If your name is not on the list of (24) players already signed up and you are not playing cup, please consider attending the camp and upcoming conditioning. I understand that school is letting out late this year and you are looking forward to your summer vacation and time off. However, you will be off soon and will have plenty of time to fit in a few hours a week for training. Don't have any regrets later for not giving your best effort to prepare.
"Failure to train is training for failure".
Please make the effort and commitment necessary to ensure your best chance to achieve your goals