What a fantastic season


Congratulations girls on a fantastic season.

What can you say but great job girls. I hope you all had as much fun as I did  this spring. The improvement this season was just awesome. We moved up 2 divisions from last year and competed with the best our age group has to offer. Every single game was very well played. 3 wins 2 losses and 3 ties. In 8 games you guys scored 25 goals and only allowed 9. I don't think a team in the division had so few goals scored on them. 

Next season we move up to U11 and we are going to stay in this higher division. We play on a bigger field and add two more players in the field as well.  If at all possible we are going to try and enter a tournament or two this summer to keep everyone sharp. Our scheduling meeting is early August this year so I'll know the teams and schedules before we go back to school. Enjoy your summer and check the website often for updates and new training videos you can work on over the summer.

Great Job,